Attacking Objects

The GM can use hit points to represent an object's structural integrity. An object is destroyed when it is reduced to 0 hit points.

Damaging Objects: Most objects have immunity to poison and psychic damage, and vulnerability to adamant damage (see Resistance and Vulnerability). A flammable object that takes fire or lightning damage ignites if it isn't worn or carried. The GM can decide that an object has other properties.

GM Tip: Use common sense when determining a creature's success at damaging an object. Can a warrior cut through a stone wall with an iron sword? No, the sword is likely to break long before the wall does.

Unattended Objects: You have advantage on Fighting tests against an object that isn't worn or carried by another creature.

Worn and Carried Objects: When you make a Fighting test against an object that is worn or carried by another creature, treat the test as if you were targeting the creature. For instance, when a creature is paralyzed, you treat any weapon that it is holding as also "paralyzed."