Using Traps

The following rules concern traps; a staple of fantasy adventures.

Triggering Traps: A trap is triggered when a creature goes somewhere or touches something that the trap's creator wanted to protect. Classic triggers include pulling a trip wire, turning a doorknob, and using the wrong key in a lock. Some traps have magical triggers.

Detecting Traps: Usually, some element of a trap is visible to careful inspection. An Intellect test (even a passive test; see Passive Tests) can be sufficient to determine if the heroes notice a trap.

Disabling a Trap: If the heroes detect a trap, they may be able to disarm it. The GM can request an Intellect test for a hero to deduce what needs to be done. Depending on the nature of the trap, an Agility test with the appropriate tools or a Will test combined with the Arcana spell might be sufficient to disable it.

Finessing the Fiction: The GM should allow a hero to discover or bypass a trap without making a test if an action would clearly foil the trap. For example, if a hero lifts a rug that conceals a pressure plate, the hero has found the trigger and no test is required.