Signature Feat (1 SP)

Prerequisite: You must have at least one of the following feats, one of which becomes your signature featBattle Tactics (2 SP)Crush Attack (2 SP)Dual Weapon Attack (2 SP)Frenzy (2 SP)Hack and Slash (2 SP)Haft-Handed Attack (2 SP)Lancing Shot (2 SP)Mighty Swing (2 SP)Mind Games (2 SP)Quick Attack (2 SP)Rapid Shot (2 SP)Skirmish (2 SP)Stab Attack (2 SP)Stave Attack (2 SP).

You can perform your signature feat four times. You regain expended performances when you finish a short or long rest. Alternatively, you can spend 1 spirit point to perform the feat again.