Wizards Arrow (1 SP)

Prerequisite: You must know at least one spell from the list below.

Perform (Action): Choose a spell you can cast from the list below. You summon, load, and fire a spectral piece of ammunition from a missile weapon to make a ranged attack against a target. If you succeed, you forgo dealing damage, the ammunition disappears, and you can immediately cast your chosen spell on the target.

For this casting, you needn't touch the target and the target needn't be within the spell's specified range. If the casting includes a blast attack (see Blast Attacks), reuse your ranged attack result instead of making a new Fighting test.

List of Spells Compatible With Wizard's Arrow: Alter Time (Wrinkle), Arcana (Dispel, Ward), Command Water (Drip, Splash), Conduct Lightning (Arc, Jolt), Control Winds (Breeze, Gust), Create Frost (Chill, Ice Ray), Draw Life (Wither), Druidcraft (Awakening, Green Thumb), Fairy MagicHex (Fear, Mockery), Inflict Disease (Contagion, Variolation), Invoke Light (Lamp, Twinkle), Mage HandMagic Missile (Dart), Mind TrickMold Earth (Excavate), Produce FlameRoyal Injunctive of the 14th Declension Quanta (Counterspell), SeemingSummon Storm (Bolt), Telepathy (Whisper), Tongue of the Sun and MoonTranspose Object (Bond), Weave Shadows (Darkvision, Phantoms).