Avatar of (Element)

Prerequisite: You must choose one of the following elements when you learn this spell: air, earth, fire, frost.

Cast (Action) (Concentration, Up to 1 Minute): You are wreathed in an aura of primal energy. The aura extends to a radius of 1 square, and it harms neither you nor your equipment. When a creature moves into the aura for the first time on a turn or starts its turn there, it takes damage (of a specified type, see below) equal to half the number of faces on your Fighting die. In addition, the aura has the following properties (based on your chosen element):

  • Air: You are wreathed in a fierce wind. The aura keeps vapors at bay and extinguishes nonmagical flames. In addition, your movement speed increases by 2 squares, and the distance you can jump is doubled. The aura deals mundane damage.

  • Earth: You are wreathed in earth and stone. No Fighting test can have advantage against you while you are touching the ground. The aura deals mundane damage.

  • Fire: You are wreathed in flames. Your body sheds bright light in a 4-square radius, and dim light for an additional 4 squares (see Vision and Light). You have immunity to fire damage and resistance to cold damage (see Resistance and Vulnerability), and your touch ignites flammable objects that aren't worn or carried by another creature. The aura deals fire damage.

  • Frost: You are wreathed in ice. You have immunity to cold damage and resistance to fire damage (see Resistance and Vulnerability), and you can walk across water and ice as if it were solid ground. The aura deals cold damage.

Once you have cast Avatar of (Element), you must finish a long rest before you can cast it again.