Command Water

Cast (Action): You use one of the following powers:

  • Drip (Special): You invent a simple hydrokinetic effect and use it on a target you can see within 12 squares of you (dry yourself off after a rainstorm, draw potable water from the sea, and so on). The GM determines the limitations of the effect, including its duration (instantaneous, persistent, or concentration).

  • Splash (Instantaneous): You emit a torrent of water to make a blast attack (see Blast Attacks) against a creature or an object within 12 squares of you. If you succeed, the target takes mundane damage equal to your Fighting result, and -- if the target is a Large or smaller creature -- you can move it up to 2 squares horizontally away from you in a straight line. A success also extinguishes nonmagical flames on the target.

  • Tentacles (Concentration, Up to 10 Minutes): You summon coils of water to augment your arms (effectively transforming your arms into tentacles for the duration). Your augmented arms are natural weapons, your reach with them is 2 squares greater than normal, and they can fit through openings as narrow as 1 inch. In addition, your augmented arms have resistance against all damage (see Resistance and Vulnerability), and their touch extinguishes nonmagical flames.

    When you summon the coils, you can make a melee attack with one of your arms as a part of the same action.