Conduct Lightning

Cast (Action): You use one of the following powers:

  • Arc (Instantaneous): You emit streams of electricity to make a blast attack (see Blast Attacks) against a creature or an object within 12 squares of you. If you succeed, the target takes lightning damage equal to your Fighting result, and -- if the target is a creature and your result is an even number -- you can cause residual energy to spring from the target to a different creature you can see that is within 2 squares of the initial target. The second target takes lightning damage equal to half your result.

  • Jolt (Special): You invent a simple electrokinetic effect and use it on a target you can see within 12 squares of you (reverse the polarity of a magnet, temporarily make a creature's hair stand on end, and so on). The GM determines the limitations of the effect, including its duration (instantaneous, persistent, or concentration).

  • Surge (Instantaneous): You use the Dash action twice. Until the current turn ends, your movement leaves behind a trail of faintly shimmering sparks (which lasts until the start of your next turn).