Control Winds

Cast (Action): You use one of the following powers:

  • Breeze (Special): You invent a simple aerokinetic effect and use it on a target you can see within 12 squares of you (blow out a lit torch, still the air to muffle a loud noise, and so on). The GM determines the limitations of the effect, including its duration (instantaneous, persistent, or concentration).

  • Gust (Instantaneous): You emit a booming pulse of compressed air to make a blast attack (see Blast Attacks) against a creature or a loose object, that is within 12 squares of you and that is Large or smaller. If you succeed, you can move the target a number of squares up to to half your result (round down) horizontally away from you in a straight line. A success also extinguishes nonmagical flames on the target.

  • Leap (Instantaneous): You use the Dash action. Until the current turn ends, you can fly (see Flight). If you end the turn in midair, you fall unless something else is holding you aloft.\ If you are using the optional colliding bodies rule, Gust becomes an effective way to bowl over several enemies at once.