Cast (Action) (Instantaneous): You summon a floating, spectral disc in an adjacent unoccupied square, then you move the disc up to 9 squares to a location of your choice. You determine the disc's flight path, and it can freely pass through creatures, objects, and structures -- but not the boundary of a cube created by the Barrier spell. The disc disappears after reaching its destination.

Each creature and object that the disc passes through during its flight takes eldritch damage equal to the number of faces on your Fighting die. A target can suffer this damage only once per casting of Discus, and to deal this damage, the disc must fully enter the target's space (crossing the corner of the target's space is insufficient). If this damage leaves a creature with 0 hit points, the creature suffers your choice of bisection, decapitation, or dismemberment.

Once you have cast Discus, you must finish a long rest before you can cast it again.