Dominate Beasts

Recommendations: Your power source should be ceremonial or intrinsic, and your spirit point maximum should be 2 or greater.

Cast (Action) (Concentration, Up to 8 Hours): You attempt to invade the mind of a Tiny Beast you can see within 12 squares of you. The target automatically perceives your attempt, and it can make a Hard (4+) Will test* to resist you. If the target fails, it is possessed by you. If the target succeeds, it is immune to your Dominate Beast for 24 hours.

While the target is possessed by you, you can see what it sees and hear what it hears, and you can cast spells as though you were in its space. However, you are paralyzed with regard to your own body, and you are blinded and deafened with regard to your own surroundings.

Each time the target takes damage, it makes another Hard (4+) Will test.** If the target succeeds, the spell ends. The spell also ends if the target dies (in which case you suffer one level of exhaustion).

*You can spend up to 2 spirit points to heighten the spell when you cast it. If you spend 1 spirit point, the target can be Medium or smaller. If you spend 2 spirit points, the target can be Huge or smaller.

**A Tiny creature has disadvantage on this test if the spell has been heightened. A Small or Medium creature has disadvantage on this test if the spell has been heightened with 2 spirit points.

To control an intelligent creature, you need Mind Trick (see page 48).