Prerequisite: You must choose one of the following colors when you learn this spell: black (acid), blue (lightning), bronze (thunder), gray (necrotic), green (poison),* purple (psychic), red (fire), white (cold).

Cast (Action) (Instantaneous): You exhale a vortex of raw, destructive energy over an adjacent 5-square cube. Make a blast attack (see Blast Attacks) against every creature and unattended object in the area, with a separate Fighting test for each target. On each of the Fighting tests, you have advantage, and vision is irrelevant (see Unseen Attackers and Targets and Vision and Light). Each target you succeed against takes damage (of the specified type, see above) equal to your result.

Once you have cast Dragonbreath, you must finish a short or long rest before you can cast it again.\ *Green Dragonbreath ignores resistance against poison damage.\ Gold and silver types of Dragonbreath exist, but they are too difficult for a nondragon to master. Gold Dragonbreath is a beam of sunlight that deals radiant damage. Silver Dragonbreath is a deluge of holy water that deals mundane damage, extinguishes any nonmagical flames in the area, and counts as an attack with a silver weapon.\ The vortex created by the Dragonbreath spell is bigger for a dragon (see page 17 of Monsters & Treasures).