Cast (Action): You use one of the following powers:

  • Bane (Concentration, Up to 10 Minutes): You place a curse on a creature you can see within 12 squares of you. Choose AgilityIntellectStrength, or Will. The target has disadvantage on all tests with that skill.

    Once you have used Bane, you must finish a long rest before you can use it again. Alternatively, you can spend 1 spirit point to use the power again.

  • Fear (Instantaneous): You instill a sense of dread in a creature you can see within 12 squares of you. The target makes a Hard (4+) Will test.* If the target fails, it is frightened of you for 1 minute or until it ends its turn more than 12 squares away from you. If the target succeeds, it is immune to your Fear for 24 hours.

    You can spend 1 spirit point to heighten *the spell when you cast it, imposing disadvantage on this test.

  • Mockery (Instantaneous): You utter a string of insults at a conscious creature you can see, that is within 12 squares of you and that can hear you (though the target needn't understand you). The target takes psychic damage equal to half the number of faces on your Fighting die. Increase this psychic damage by 1 if the insults cite any of the target's beliefs, goals, quirks, weaknesses, or relationships.