Raiment of Stars

Cast (Action) (Persistent, Up to 8 Hours): Your body is spangled with gleaming, sidereal lights. The lights arrange themselves into one of the following constellations, which you choose when you cast the spell. Each constellation confers a unique benefit:

  • Emnigaddah the Prince: You gain two boosts to Will.

  • Ibinadom the Scribe: You gain two boosts to Intellect.

  • Orcheantus the Champion: You gain two boosts to Strength.

  • Ubish the Huntress: You gain a boost to Agility and Intellect.

  • Ymnor the Thief: You gain two boosts to Agility.

The constellation sheds bright, silvery-white light in a 2-square radius and dim light for an additional 2 squares (see Vision and Light). You can conceal the light by wearing a cloak, robe, or other ample garment.

Once you have cast Raiment of Stars, you must finish a long rest before you can cast it again.