Shape Matter

Recommendation: Your spirit point maximum should be 2 or greater.

Prerequisite: You must choose one of the following materials when you learn this spell: bone, ice, metal, nonmetallic earth, wood.

Cast (Action) (Instantaneous): You touch a Tiny nonmagical object,* that is made of your chosen material and that isn't worn or carried by another creature, and you choose one of the following effects:

  • Alter: You transform the target's shape. You can't change the target's mass, composition, or size category. Otherwise, the extent of the transformation is up to you. You can even choose a useful shape, such as a (simple) tool or a (crude) weapon.

    When you transform a held object into a weapon, you can make a melee or ranged attack with it as a part of the same action.

  • Mend: You repair the target perfectly, provided that it is broken or damaged but not utterly destroyed.

  • Ruin: The target takes damage equal to three times the number of faces on your Fighting die. If the target is made of bone, ice, or wood: this damage is fire damage, and bone or wood ignites. If the target is made of metal or earth: this damage is thunder damage, and it is accompanied by a loud ringing noise. If this damage leaves the target with 0 hit points, it is utterly destroyed.

You can spend up to 2 spirit points to heighten *the spell when you cast it. If you spend 1 spirit point, the target can be Medium or smaller. If you spend 2 spirit points, the target can be Huge or smaller.

**If your chosen material is ice, you can target a cubic volume of water when you cast Shape Matter -- instead of a solid object -- and freeze it. Once you have done so, you can proceed with the spell normally (targeting the new ice with Alter, Mend, or Ruin).