Soul Blade

Cast (Action) (Concentration, Up to 1 Minute): You summon a spectral sword in your empty hand. Before the casting turn ends, you can take another action. This action can be used only to AttackDashDodgeHelpHide, or Search.

The sword is made of energy rather than solid matter, and it has the following properties:

  • The sword sheds dim silver light in a 2-square radius.

  • Attacks with the sword deal radiant damage instead of mundane damage.

  • When you throw the sword to make a ranged attack, it flies back to your hand immediately after the attack.

  • When you make a melee or ranged attack with the sword, you can let soul magic guide your hand to gain advantage on the Fighting test. You must decide whether or not to do so before the roll. You can let soul magic guide your hand three times. You regain expended uses of this ability when you finish a long rest.

Soul Blade is a spell that is easy to customize. For instance, you might know Blood Lance (an iron lance that shines with crimson light and deals necrotic damage), Arctic Aegis (a snowflake-shaped shield that shines with blue light and deals cold damage), or Umbral Knife (a shadowy dagger that shines with gray light and deals psychic damage).