Summon Storm

Cast (Action): You use one of the following powers:

  • Bolt (Instantaneous): You command the sky to strike a creature or object of your choice, that is outdoors and within 60 squares of you. The sky makes a blast attack (see Blast Attacks) against the target, using your senses and Fighting die. The sky has advantage on the Fighting test. If the sky succeeds, the target takes lightning damage equal to its result.

    To use Bolt, you must be outdoors, and the weather must be rainy.

  • Mist (Concentration, Up to 10 Minutes): You conjure a dense fog in a 12-square cube centered on a point within 12 squares of you. The fog spreads around corners and it blocks vision entirely. At the GM's discretion, a wind of moderate or greater speed ends the spell early.

  • Squall (Concentration, Up to 10 Minutes): You agitate the weather directly above you, to a radius of 1 mile. If the weather is clear, it becomes cloudy. If the weather is cloudy, it becomes rainy. If the weather is rainy, the intensity of the rain increases.

    To use Squall, you must be outdoors. Once you have used Squall, you must finish a long rest before you can use it again. Alternatively, you can spend 2 spirit points to use the power again.\ The overall effectiveness of this spell has been calibrated around the assumption that you will be outdoors about half of the time, and that the weather will be cloudy about half of the time.