Using Rituals

Altering the past, brewing a potion, enchanting a castle, journeying to other planes of existence, summoning dead-yet-dreaming deities... these areĀ rituals. Rituals are special formulas that invoke supernatural effects outside the narrow constraints of a spell.

No Qualifications Necessary: Any creature -- even one without any knowledge of spells -- can conduct a ritual. Doing so requires following the ritual's procedures (utilizing the proper instructions) and sacrificing the required components.

Instructions: To conduct a ritual, a creature must precisely follow its instructions. The heroes can find such instructions on their adventures.

Components: A ritual is, in essence, an offering to a powerful spirit in exchange for some magical favor. These capricious beings don't work for cheap, so the components are never trivial. The ritual might require something dangerous (the fang of a troll, dust from the catacombs of the Black Ziggurat), or something enigmatic (a broken heart, a child's laugh). The rarer and weirder the components, the stronger the ritual.

Takes Time, Doesn't Always Work: A ritual's procedure takes a specific amount of time -- ranging from 7 minutes to 7 eons. After a ritual has worked once, there is no guarantee that it will work again.

Because rituals are idiosyncratic, the GM is encouraged to invent rituals specific to the campaign -- the heroes might even attempt a ritual of their own devising!