A human descended from devil-worshipers sometimes bears physical signs of fiendish mischief. Cambions aren't compelled to do evil, but their mutations inspire fear (and curiosity) in ignorant folk.

Description: If it weren't for the mutations, you'd look human. Your size is Medium or Small (you choose the size when you select this folk).

Vital Stats: You start with HP 12, SP 6, and MV 6.

Pointy Bits: You have claws, fangs, hooves, horns, talons, tusks, or a combination of these features. These body parts are natural weapons.

Silver Sensitivity: Due to your unnatural origin, silver objects present unique difficulties for you (see Silver).

Unholy Gift: Choose one gift from the following list. Alternatively, you can determine your gift at random by rolling a D4:

  1. Forbidden Lore: Your sleep is riddled with nightmares, and you can never speak a deliberate lie. You gain a boost to Intellect.

  2. Leaden: You can't swim. When immersed in water, you sink. You gain a boost to Strength.

  3. Mark of the Evil Eye: You bear the mark of the Evil Eye. Wherever you go, Beasts become agitated by your presence, and you attract the unwanted attention of suspicious commoners, raving lunatics, and curious spirits. You gain a boost to Will, and you should consider choosing the privilege background perk.

  4. One Foot in Hell: You cast no shadow and you have no reflection. These properties extend to anything you are wearing or carrying. Furthermore, you must have cover from the sun to benefit from advantage (a cloak is sufficient). You gain a boost to Agility.\ Vile Mutations: Choose two different mutations from the following list. Alternatively, you can determine your mutations at random by rolling a D6 twice (reroll duplicate results):

  5. Abyssal Flesh: Your skin is blood-red (or some other unusual color) and cold to the touch. You have resistance (see Resistance and Vulnerability) against fire damage.

  6. Crown of Hell: You have a faint, sinister halo. You have advantage on tests against being charmedfrightened, or possessed.

  7. Devil's Spade: You have a strong, flexible tail. You have advantage on all Agility and Strength tests against being prone.

  8. Horrid Knees: You have the legs of a goat. Your movement speed increases by 1 square.

  9. Infernal Blood: You have advantage on tests against being poisoned, and you have resistance against poison damage.

  10. Orbs of the Night: Your eyes faintly glow, or your pupils are slitted. You have darkvision to a radius of 12 squares.