Epic Creatures

A hero or major villain in Dragonslayers RPG is capable and larger than life, but ultimately a mere mortal. Epic heroes and epic villains go beyond what is humanly possible, and their incredible deeds lay the foundation for myths and legends.

All epic creatures have the Overpowered and Epic Recovery features:

Overpowered: An epic creature has twice as many hit points as an ordinary individual of its kind. In addition, the creature can take two actions on its turn instead of one.

The creature can use the following special features twice as often: Action Surge (see Veteran Levels), Battle Tactics (2 SP)Crush Attack (2 SP)Death RayDiscusDragonbreathDual Weapon Attack (2 SP)Evade (2 SP)Frenzy (2 SP)Hack and Slash (2 SP)Haft-Handed Attack (2 SP)Heat VisionLancing Shot (2 SP)Magic Missile (Wizard Bomb), Mighty Swing (2 SP)Mind Games (2 SP)Overchannel (1 SP)Pinpoint Attack (2 SP)Quick Attack (2 SP), Rally (see Warrior), Rapid Shot (2 SP)Royal Injunctive of the 14th Declension Quanta (Smite), Skirmish (2 SP)Soul Blade (let soul magic guide your hand), Stab Attack (2 SP)Stave Attack (2 SP)Swarm of FliesTeam Spirit (1 SP)Thunderclap.

For example, an epic creature that has the Rapid Shot (2 SP) feat can perform it four times, and it regains expended performances of Rapid Shot (2 SP) when it finishes a short or long rest. If Rapid Shot (2 SP) is a signature feat for the creature (see Signature Feat (1 SP)), it can perform it eight times.

Epic Recovery: On its turn, the epic creature can regain all lost spirit points (no action required). Once it has used Epic Recovery, the epic creature must finish a long rest before it can use it again.

An epic monster is an option for a GM who wants to pull out all the stops for an ultimate or penultimate foe. Epic heroes are a good option for one-on-one games and for small groups of experienced players.

This variant rule is not recommended for large groups or inexperienced players. An epic turn takes longer than an ordinary turn, because there are more decisions, more dice rolling, and more things to remember.