These diminutive, cap-sporting inventors eschew direct conflict in favor of magical shenanigans. Gnomes who become dragonslayers employ such pranks only to the detriment of their enemies.

Description: Your height is to a halfling what a dwarf's height is to a jotun. You wear a hat (not red) as tall as your body. Your size is Small.

Vital Stats: You start with HP 12, SP 3, and MV 6.

Fey Ancestry: You have advantage on all Intellect and Will tests against spells. Your natural life span is very unusual for a Humanoid (about 3,000 years).

Gnome Roads: You can squeeze through an opening as narrow as 1 inch, and no creature can prevent you from moving through its space (see Creature Size and Space). In addition, you can use your action to escape automatically from nonmagical restraints or from being grabbed.

Magic Tricks: Consider emphasizing your magical qualities by choosing the mage class or buying the Minor Magic-User (3 SP) feat.

Sly: You gain a boost to Agility and Intellect.