High Elf

Of the elvish lineages, high elves are the eldest and most mysterious. They practice ancient magic and sequester themselves in enchanted cities that float above the clouds.

Description: You are an exceedingly tall, lean figure with violet skin. Your eyes are deep amethysts, and your ears are long and featherlike. Your size is Medium.

Vital Stats: You start with HP 12, SP 4, and MV 6.

Fey Ancestry: You have advantage on all Intellect and Will tests against spells. Your natural life span is patently absurd for a Humanoid (about 30,000 years).

Ken: You gain two boosts to Intellect.

Long-Lived: You have two backgrounds. You can't choose the same background perk more than once.

Old Magic: Consider emphasizing your magical qualities by choosing the mage class or buying the Minor Magic-User (3 SP) feat.

The youngest high elf alive is still old enough to defy comprehension. You should consider the impact that this longevity has had on your outlook and personality. Perhaps you were present for the fall of an ancient empire, or for the creation of the moon. You might have experienced love -- and loss -- a thousand times, or forgotten more truths than have ever been uncovered by humanity. Others may regard you as patient, detached, or incalculably weary. Why such a being would turn to slaying dragons is anyone's guess.