Many of these proud, scaly folk believe themselves to be the future of dragonkind. Naturally, slaying dragons expedites this destiny.\ Description: You resemble a reptile of your choice. You have hands, bipedal locomotion, and the ability to speak. Otherwise, the extent of your anthropomorphism is up to you. Your size is Medium or Small (you choose the size when you select this folk).\ Vital Stats: You start with HP 12, SP 5, and MV 6.\ Beast Speech: Through sounds and gestures, you can communicate simple ideas with Beasts of your kind. For instance, a tortoise-like saurian can use this feature to converse with any chelonian.\ Pointy Bits: You have claws, fangs, horns, talons, tusks, a beak, a tail club, a thagomizer, or a combination of these features. These body parts are natural weapons.\ Primal Step: Choose climbing, running, or swimming. If you choose climbing or swimming, it doesn't cost extra movement for you (see Jumping, Climbing, Swimming). If you choose running, your movement speed increases by 1 square.\ Survival of the Fittest: You gain a boost to Intellect, and another boost to your choice of Agility or Strength.