Commonly mistaken for goblins, wretches are the pitiable shells of Humanoids cursed with eternal life by the dark powers. Regardless of origin, all wretches have the same wretched traits.

Description: You are pale, emaciated, and misshapen, with stringy hair and repugnant, bulging eyes. Your size is Small.

Vital Stats: You start with HP 12, SP 5, and MV 6.

Creeper: Climbing doesn't cost extra movement for you (see Jumping, Climbing, Swimming).

Darkvision: You have darkvision to a radius of 12 squares.

Filth Feeder: You are immune to disease, you have advantage on tests against being poisoned, and you have resistance against poison damage (see Resistance and Vulnerability). In addition, you have fangs, which are natural weapons.

Silver Sensitivity: Due to your unnatural origin, silver objects present unique difficulties for you (see page 40 of Monsters & Treasures).

Wily: You gain a boost to Agility.

Withering: You can't die of old age, but you continue to age (slowly). Beyond your 900th birthday, you will be too feeble to go on adventures.