Xectoids are nonmagical insectoid pack hunters. They are unsparingly diligent, nearly emotionless, and profoundly alien.

Description: You look like a giant mantis: tall and lanky, yet graceful in a peculiar sort of way. You have a chitinous exoskeleton, and you sport a pair of springy legs or gossamer wings. Your size is Medium.

Vital Stats: You start with HP 12, SP 4, and MV 7.

Bug Step: Climbing doesn't cost extra movement for you (see Jumping, Climbing, Swimming). In addition, you can climb difficult surfaces, including upside down on ceilings, without needing to make a Strength test.

Carnivore: You are unable to digest vegetable matter. You have clicking mandibles and serrated limbs, which are natural weapons.

Fey: You have advantage on all Intellect and Will tests against spells. No xectoid has ever died of old age; one day you will succumb to exhaustion during a molt.

Hopper: The distance you can jump is doubled. In addition, you don't take damage from a fall of 20 feet or less if you aren't incapacitated (see Falling).

Multi-Limbed: You have four hands.

Nonmagical: You can't choose the mage class, you can't buy the Minor Magic-User (3 SP) feat, and you can be attuned to no more than two magic items at a time (see Attunement).