When using this optional rule, firearms are available and count as a special subcategory of missile weapon. A firearm has a base price of 100 gold, and it can't normally be selected as one of your three starting weapons. Any firearm you purchase comes with a corresponding belt of ammunition (see below).

All firearms have the Bang!Pow!, and Splash! properties (see below), but each type of firearm requires a different kind of ammunition:

  • Pistol (Pistol Balls): A pistol has no additional properties.

  • Musketoon (Shells): Instead of loading a musketoon with a shell, you can load it with six pistol balls, six sling bullets, a handful of loose gravel, or something similar, but the process is more laborious when you do so: requiring an action. A musketoon requires two hands when you attack with it.

  • Rifle (Rifle Balls): When you fire a rifle to make a ranged attack, the target can be up to 120 squares away from you, but you have disadvantage on the Fighting test if the target is within 2 squares of you. A rifle requires two hands when you attack with it.

Ammunition Belts: Belt (pistol balls), belt (rifle balls), belt (shells).

Bang! When fired, a firearm flashes and creates a great deal of noise and smoke, which can be used to locate you from afar. At the GM's discretion, repeated shots can create enough smoke to obscure sight (see Vision and Light).

Pow! A firearm deals mundane damage, but, at the GM's discretion, its projectile can penetrate some forms of total cover (windows, wooden doors, and so on). In such a circumstance, the target takes half damage (round down) if the attack is successful.

Splash! Firearms can't function as missile weapons underwater, and you have disadvantage on Fighting tests with a wet firearm. It takes 1 hour (lain out and disassembled) to dry a wet firearm.