For rules purposes, a vehicle (such as a boat, a chariot, or a gnomish velocipede) is a creature of the Construct type (see Creature Types), with its own skills and vital stats. Unlike an ordinary creature, a vehicle is dependent on an operator: moving and acting on its turn only as its operator directs. A vehicle that lacks an operator is treated as an object.

Operating a Vehicle: To operate a vehicle, you must have access to its control mechanism and you must not be incapacitated. Usually, you must also be mounted on the vehicle (see Mounted Combat).

Splitting Your Attention: When you take an action, you can't direct a vehicle to take an action or a reaction until after its next turn.

Vying for Control: When multiple creatures try to operate the same vehicle at the same time, the vehicle can't take actions or reactions while the conflict persists. At the start of each of the vehicle's turns, the winner of an opposed Agility test directs the vehicle for that turn (see Opposed Tests).