Bargain With Death

When a hero dies, that hero's player can opt for them to miraculously survive instead (leaving the hero with three levels of exhaustion). The GM then chooses -- or randomly determines with a D6 -- one of the following dooms to impose upon the hero:

  1. Vulnerable: Gain vulnerability to one damage type of the GM's choice (other than mundane damage).

  2. Out of Luck: Spirit point maximum reduced by 2.

  3. Enervated: Hit point maximum reduced by 4 (to a minimum of 4).

  4. Diminished Skill: One Excellent (D8) or better skill of the hero player's choice loses two boosts.

  5. Can't Perform: Lose a number of feats of the hero player's choice totaling at least 2 spirit points in value. No refund.

  6. Death's Own Doom: The hero suffers a doom of the GM's devising (lose a magic item, become cursed with a supernatural affliction, suffer a personal story setback, and so on).

Each doom is permanent and incurable. Any feats lost from the bargain can't be repurchased.