Climbing on Monsters

As an action, you can attempt to climb onto an adjacent creature that is at least two sizes larger than you and that has compatible anatomy. Make an Agility or Strength test (you choose the skill to use) opposed by the target's Agility test. You succeed automatically if the target is incapacitated. If you succeed, you can mount the target (see Mounted CombatJumping, Climbing, Swimming, and Creature Size and Space).

While so mounted, you have advantage on Fighting tests against the target, and it has disadvantage on Fighting tests against you. Moreover, the target has disadvantage on any Strength test it makes to attempt a combat maneuver against you (see Attack (Combat Maneuver)). Holding on to the target requires at least one hand, but you can let go whenever you like (no action required). If you do so, you are dismounted and you land prone in a space adjacent to the target.

Rules Tip: Mounting a creature costs an amount of movement equal to half your movement speed.