Group Tests

When multiple creatures try to accomplish something as a group, the GM can call for a group test. In such a situation, the creatures that are skilled at a particular task help cover those who aren't.

To resolve a group test, each creature in the group makes the test. If at least half the group succeeds, the whole group succeeds.

But How Successful, Exactly? When the degree of success or failure is important, use the group's middle result (if there are an even number of creatures, use the higher of the two middle results).

When To Use a Group Test: Any endeavor in which a sufficient number of mistakes can spoil the group's effort (such as sneaking up on a slumbering dragon) is a good candidate for a group test. Conversely, a group test usually isn't appropriate for an individual task, even if that task can be made easier with help (such as hoisting the lid of a stone sarcophagus). In such a case, only the leader of the effort makes the test -- possibly with advantage to reflect their allies' assistance.

A group test can model many different situations, but it offers little in the way of action or suspense. For more involved scenes, consider employing a skill challenge (see Skill Challenges).