Passive Tests

passive test doesn't involve any die rolls. Such a test can represent the average result for a task done repeatedly, or can be used when the GM wants to secretly determine whether or not the heroes succeed at something without rolling dice.

A creature's total for a passive test equals half the number of faces on its skill die. If the creature has advantage on the test, add 1. For disadvantage, subtract 1. The game refers to this total as a "score."

For example, if a creature has an Excellent (D8) rating in Strength, its passive Strength score is 4.

Passive Perception: A creature has the potential to perceive hidden monsters, objects, and other details when it isn't even trying. The GM can use the creature's passive Intellect score to determine what, if anything, slips beneath its notice.

Rules Tip: Heroes always win ties, even on passive tests!