Trained-Only Tasks

The GM can decide that some tasks are possible only with specialized training. For instance, the GM might rule that only a character with medical qualifications can attempt to perform a surgery. A character that doesn't have the appropriate training simply fails.

Examples: Craft a sword, decipher an encryption, recall the date of an obscure historical event, identify an uncommon monster, play a musical instrument, forge a document, track a creature overland, paint a realistic portrait, compete in a game of strategy, appraise the value of an unusual gem, navigate using the stars, conduct a religious ceremony, repair a complex mechanical device, debate the finer points of an abstruse magical theorem; speak, sign, read, or write in a language other than the common tongue or the language of your folk.\ Trained-Only Target Numbers: Any target number can be appropriate for a trained-only test. A routine surgery might be Easy (2+), whereas an experimental procedure might be Very Hard (7+).\ Where Did You Learn To Do That? Before you attempt a trained-only task (or attempt to help someone else with a trained-only task), the GM can ask you to justify how you obtained the necessary training. In most cases this is straightforward -- Zagor the elf can read Elvish -- but in some cases your hero's story must expand to account for it: "Zagor taught me how to read Elvish after our previous adventure together."\ The GM should accept your justification more often than not -- especially if it references your folk, class, or background (see Hero Creation Step by Step).\ Learning New Tricks: You can become trained in a trained-only task by practicing it with the help of an instructor. Such an instructor might charge fees or refuse unworthy candidates. Alternatively, the GM can let you make an Intellect test to become trained in a trained-only task without the help of an instructor. This method is cheap, but not all tasks can be self-taught. Training occurs in downtime.\ The length of time required to complete your training can be on the order of days, weeks, months, or years, depending on the nature of the task and the training methods employed. Training yourself often takes more time than training with the help of an instructor.\ Genre Protection: The GM can decide that a task is theoretically possible, but so advanced or inappropriate that the necessary training can't be obtained. For instance, you can't be trained in computer science or electrical engineering, unless those fields -- or their immediate antecedents -- already exist in the game world.\ Trained-only tasks are a tool for the GM to reward hero players for coming up with interesting backstories, and to spotlight specific heroes when appropriate. They should not be employed to force the heroes to take a predetermined story path.\ Dragon Slayers RPG has been designed to play smoothly, not to perfectly simulate reality or to model every possible circumstance. Many of the apparent "gaps" in the rules are intentional. The GM is authorized to resolve corner cases and make rulings to keep things moving.