The Heroes

If you aren't the GM, you get to control one of the heroes. The GM will throw mysteries, monsters, and high-stakes situations at you. As a hero player (just “player” for short), your job is to overcome these trials using a combination of wits, resources, teamwork, and roleplaying.

If victory were certain, it wouldn't be fun! To accomplish risky things (like slaying dragons) you have to roll dice. Each hero – and each other creature in the game, for that matter – has skills and vital stats to model their interactions with the game world (see the Skills & Vitals folder).

Your hero is also a person, with beliefs, goals, quirks, relationships, and weaknesses. If you want, you can portray a person very different from yourself, who might make choices that you wouldn't make.

The adventure will twist and turn with your decisions, and with the luck of the dice. Your hero might even die! But if it makes for a good story, losing can feel like winning, too.