Adventure Time

When the GM tracks time in minuteshours, or days, you are playing in adventure time. This timescale is appropriate when the heroes are exploring a place of danger or uncertainty, but aren't in immediate peril. Adventure time is the most common mode of play.

Moderate Stakes: In adventure time, the heroes' lives typically aren't at stake, but their well-being can be threatened in less direct ways. Heroes explore dangerous locales and engage in sensitive negotiations. The consequences of failure take the form of wasted time, dwindling resources, and increased risk.

Loose Structure: In adventure time, the GM most often addresses the heroes as a group. There is no strict turn structure, but the GM can use 10-minute time increments to organize the action and keep track of nearby threats (such as patrolling monsters and rival adventurers) when the heroes are investigating a dangerous environment. In the space of 10 minutes, a hero can explore one location both quietly and thoroughly, two locations either quietly or thoroughly, or several locations neither quietly nor thoroughly.

GM Tip: Before calling for a test in adventure time, you should first ask each of the hero players what they are doing. This encourages the heroes to divvy up tasks, and it prevents a player from retroactively deciding what to do after learning the fruit of their allies' efforts.

Transitioning to Combat or Downtime: Adventure time transitions to combat time when the GM feels that exploration or negotiation has failed and peril is imminent. Adventure time transitions to downtime when the heroes take refuge for three or more days in a place of safety.