Combat Time

When the GM tracks time in 6-second rounds, you are playing in combat time. This timescale is appropriate when the heroes are in immediate peril. This is most often in the context of combat, though this timescale can model other high-intensity situations as well.

High Stakes: In combat time, the heroes' health and safety are at risk (though, being heroes, they are still quite unlikely to die). Finessing the fiction is costly. Heroes fight enemies and flee insurmountable dangers. Failure in a combat task generally wastes your turn.

Tight Structure: In combat time, creatures take turns in a strict playing order (see Combat Step by Step). The GM addresses each player individually and resolves their actions before moving on to the next one.

Transitioning to Adventure Time: Combat time transitions to adventure time when the immediate danger is gone. Death, surrender, and retreat are the most common ways to end a battle.

Roleplaying doesn't stop when combat starts! Your preferred tactics can be informed by your personality. Each sword-swing and bow-shot is an opportunity for cool (and gratuitous) exposition. A character might even goad or trash talk the opposition. Equally important, the GM should remember that most creatures don't want to die, and might flee if they feel victory is no longer possible.