Gameplay Overview

Dragonslayers RPG proceeds in the following fashion:

  1. The GM describes the environment, roleplays the nonheroes, and sets up challenges the heroes can't ignore.

  2. Each hero player describes and roleplays what their hero does and how they intend to engage with (or avoid) the challenges.

  3. The GM moves the scene forward, calling for tests of skill as indicated, then the GM adjudicates and describes the outcomes.

  4. The GM notes how much in-game time has passed, then adjusts the scene as indicated by the heroes' actions. Return to step 1.

This pattern holds true no matter the scope of the actions involved. A scene can cover any amount of in-game time, though in practice there are three timescales: adventure timecombat time, and downtime.

GM Tip: You can track time loosely or meticulously, but you must track the time. It is crucial that the world keeps turning and that villainous schemes come ever closer to fruition. If the heroes have unlimited time to do whatever they want, their choices become meaningless.