Spirit Points (SP)

This vital stat represents your extraordinary luck, heroic resolve, and untapped potential. You can spend 1 spirit point to stack the oddsnegate an explosion, or make luck:

  • Stack the Odds: You grant yourself advantage on a test. You must decide whether or not to stack the odds before the roll.

  • Negate an Explosion: You alter the result of a Fighting test that has just exploded against you (before the outcome is settled) (see Fighting Tests Explode). The new result equals the number of faces on the attacker's Fighting die.

  • Make Luck: You receive a flash of insight, introduce a beneficial plot twist, or stumble upon a clue. The GM decides on the nature and timing of your lucky break (but you are welcome to make a specific request). Once you have made luck, you can't spend a spirit point to make luck again until the start of the next game session.

Some features also ask you to spend spirit points. To use such a feature, you must have enough spirit points left to pay for it.

Before or after an adventure, you can purchase special features called feats by reducing your spirit point maximum (see Downtime and Feat Basics).