Basic Tests

Most of the time, your actions require no dice rolling. If the GM deems a task to be effortless or free of meaningful consequences, you simply succeed. If a task is impossible, you fail. The GM calls for a test only if the outcome is uncertain and failure carries meaningful consequences.

Based on your approach and the nature of the task at hand, the GM chooses which skill you need to use and sets a target number:

  • Easy (2+): A hero who attempts an Easy task with a Fair (D4) skill has a 75% chance of success. Stabbing an orc in the face is an Easy (2+) Fighting test (see Attack (Melee)).

  • Medium (3+): A hero who attempts a Medium task with a Fair (D4) skill has a 50% chance of success. Persuading a friendly merchant to offer you a discount is a Medium (3+) Will test.

  • Hard (4+): A hero who attempts a Hard task with a Fair (D4) skill has a 25% chance of success. Picking an above-average lock is a Hard (4+) Agility test. Spell effects are usually Hard (4+) to resist.

  • Very Hard (5+ or More): A target number of 5 or greater is beyond most people. A hero who attempts a Very Hard task with a Fair (D4) skill has no chance of success. Tracking a gaggle of gnomes over hard ground after 24 hours of rainfall is a Very Hard (9+) Intellect test.

Tests of skill can also cover reactive tasks, such as resisting the effects of extreme cold (Strength), or noticing a faint sound (Intellect).

GM Tip: Too many numbers to remember? You could do worse than set Medium (3+) for every test in the adventure.

GM Tip: When you call for a test, you should choose whichever skill you believe fits the situation best, using their names and definitions as a guide. Be sure to consider both the nature of the challenge and the hero's approach to dealing with it.