Hero Creation Step by Step

Creating a hero is a series of steps. Each step increases, broadens, or alters your capabilities in some way:

  1. Choose Your Folk: You belong to one of the common folk (humandwarfhalflingjotun, or wood elf). Alternatively, you belong to one of the uncommon folk (aentlingbeastfolkcambioncentaurdoppelgangergolemgnomehigh elfrevenantsauriansea elfwretch, or xectoid).

  2. Choose Your Class: You belong to one of the three heroic classes (warriorrogue, or mage). Your class partially defines your role in the party and describes how you approach challenges.

  3. Create Your Background: Your background helps define who you are, and it includes a special benefit called a perk that falls outside the scope of your folk and class. There are seven perks to choose from (connectionsexpertiseminionnemesisprivilegeresources, and unique item).

  4. Choose Your Equipment: You start out with some money, weaponry, and other nonmagical gear (see Equipment Basics). Equipment can also characterize your hero.

  5. Choose Your Spells and Power Source: If you are a mage, you start the game knowing two spells of your choice (see Spell Basics). You also choose a power source (alchemical, ceremonial, intrinsic, somatic, verbal, or unique), which determines how your spells are cast.

  6. Buy Feats (Optional): If you aren't familiar with the rules, or you want to get started quickly, you can skip this step. If you have time to browse, you can customize your hero with feats (see Feat Basics).

  7. Work Out the Details: You need a name, an appearance, and one or more motivations -- why are you a dragonslayer? A compelling hero also has beliefs, goals, quirks, weaknesses, and relationships. Your hero's personality will develop further during the course of play.

Choose Your Level of Complexity: Depending on how many feats you buy, your play experience will be breezy and open-ended (no feats), crunchy and sophisticated (many feats), or somewhere in between. If you are undecided, you should err on the side of fewer feats. Even if you'd prefer to have as many feats as possible, it is a good idea to reserve a few spirit points as insurance against enemy explosions.

Because your spirit point maximum gradually increases during your hero's career (see Heroic Levels and Veteran Levels), an experienced hero can afford to buy more feats than a novice.