A bundle is a practically inexhaustible supply of minor items. When you have a bundle of items, you needn't keep track of how many of those items you have expended during the adventure; it is simply assumed that you have enough.

Ammunition Bundles: Bolt case (bolts), bullet pouch (bullets), needle box (needles), quiver (arrows or darts).

Other Bundles: Alchemy bag (alchemical power source components), torch bundle (torches).

What if I Dump My Arrows on the Floor and Count Them? In the rare case that circumstances demand an exact figure, a bundle contains 10 items (and now you must keep track until you replace the bundle).

Bundles are meant to ease the burden of tracking supplies, but many groups find logistical challenges to be engaging. At the GM's option, bundles simply organize items that must still be tracked (see Bulk and Encumbrance).

Your trivial expenses (see Money and Expenses) usually handle food and water.