Money and Expenses

The Dragonslayers RPG world is diverse and features hundreds of denominations: pennies, shillings, ducats, crowns, rupees, banknotes, letters of credit, electrum ingots, gemstones, seashells, and more.

Gold Standard: Regardless of the actual currencies in your purse, your money and transactions are recorded in pieces of gold.

Making Money: The average person earns 1 gold per workday. Heroes acquire gold during their adventures, and prominent nonheroes offer the heroes gold in exchange for dealing with monstrous threats.

Trivial Expenses: It is assumed that your daily needs are afforded via sporadic foraging, hunting, thieving, and working. Sometimes these activities require a successful test of skill to be fruitful. If you fail, you must pay a vendor 1 gold to cover your trivial expenses (or go without).

Trivial expenses include food, drink, and shelter for two people, basic clothing and supplies, equipment upkeep, gratuities, alms, and so on. A purchase on this scale is typically made with copper and silver coins.

Major Expenses: Some goods and services require you to spend gold. When you shop for such a good or service, the GM determines the seller's asking price. Here are some prices for reference:

  • 1 Gold: Bundle, caltrops, cart, fine meal, oil, commoner (per day) (brave, reliable, or smart: pick one).*

  • 10 Gold: Lantern, set of tools, wagon, weapon, commoner (per day) (brave, reliable, or smart: pick two).*

  • 100 Gold: Armor, basic poison, carriage, Common magic item (see Magic Item Rarity), commoner (per day) (brave, reliable, and smart).*

  • 500 Gold: Cottage or log cabin, firebomb, Uncommon magic item.

  • 1,000 Gold: Keelboat, stone house or workshop.

  • 10,000 Gold: Sailing ship, tower, wooden fort.

  • 100,000 Gold: Mansion or small castle.

\ Even a brave commoner-for-hire won't fight monsters for you.\ *\ Prices vary from location to location and from seller to seller. A vendor might even mark a price up or down based on the heroes' appearance, attitude, or reputation.

Animals: The price of a Beast willing to charge into battle equals 50 times its threat rating in gold (see Encounter Difficulty). The price of a skittish or stubborn Beast equals 10 times its threat rating in gold.

Selling Used Items: A character can expect to sell a lightly used item for half its normal value. Weapons and armor used by monsters are rarely in good enough condition to sell.