Choosing Your Folk

The Dragonslayers RPG world is a fantasy universe filled with many wondrous beings. The "common folk" (humandwarfhalflingjotun, and wood elf) are the most numerous, the most likely folk to become dragonslayers, and the easiest to play.

If you are comfortable with the rules and crave a roleplaying challenge, consider one of the uncommon folk (antlingbeastfolkcambioncentaurdoppelgangergolemgnomehigh elfrevenantsauriansea elfwretch, or xectoid).

To choose your folk, first read each description and visualize the kind of hero you want to be. If you aren't sure what to pick, choose human (in a world of magic, a human stands out better than you might think).

Most folk are Humanoids, but some folk aren't (see Creature Types). All heroes are Medium or Small (see Creature Size and Space).

Fantasy archetypes like wise elves and plucky halflings are nostalgic for many, and their classically conceived traits are a convenient starting point for roleplaying. However, no folk is a monolith. You are free to alter the description or features of your folk to more precisely depict your hero (provided that such alterations offer no unfair advantages).