These stocky folk quarry the earth and battle orcs with grim resolve. Dwarves have a reputation for being loyal friends, industrious workers, and lovers of food, drink, and treasure. Nearly every dwarf is taught how to brew ale, set jewelry, smelt ore, smith metal, and work stone.

Description: You are short, and you probably have a beard; the length of which communicates your social standing in some dwarvish societies. Despite your stature, your size is Medium.

Vital Stats: You start with HP 12, SP 6, and MV 5.

Bones of Stone: You have advantage on tests against being poisoned, and you have resistance against poison damage (see Resistance and Vulnerability). Your natural life span is unusual for a Humanoid (about 250 years).

Fettle and Lettered: You gain a boost to Intellect and Strength.