Spell Durations

A spell's duration can be instantaneouspersistent, or concentration:

An instantaneous spell relies on magic only for a brief moment. Any lingering effects of the spell are nonmagical.

persistent spell lasts for a specified length of time, or until you use your action to dismiss it. You can have up to three instances of the same persistent spell active at a time.

concentration spell requires a degree of mental effort to keep its magic active, up to a specified length of time. You lose concentration if you die, or if you become dazed or incapacitated. Ordinary activities, such as moving and attacking, don't interfere with your concentration. You can have only one concentration spell active at a time, but you can stop concentrating whenever you like (no action required).

Damage alone can't break concentration, but a critical hit might (see Critical Hits).

Spells With Multiple Effects: Many spells, when cast, ask you to choose from a list of powers. Each such power comes with its own specified duration and counts as a spell for the purpose of these rules.