Cursed Items

These are magic items with some sort of negative impact. Some cursed items are harmful for the user, while others are merely inconvenient. Occasionally an item will mix bad with good, forcing a hero to make a difficult choice. Most cursed items are one-of-a-kind and therefore have no rarity. There are four families of cursed item:

  • Delusion: The user believes the item is what it appears to be, yet it actually has no magical power other than to deceive. The user is fooled into thinking the item is functioning, and cannot be convinced otherwise without the help of a specific ritual to remove the curse.

  • Drawback: An item with a drawback is usually still beneficial to the user, but it also carries some negative aspect. The item might fail to function some of the time, function only when certain inconvenient conditions are met, or occasionally activate at random.

  • Opposite Effect or Target: This item malfunctions, so that either it does the opposite of what the creator intended, or it targets the user instead of someone else. An item of this sort usually includes some magic that compels the wielder to keep and use it. In such cases, a specific ritual is generally needed to get rid of the item.

  • Sentient: This item is inhabited by a malicious spirit. The item behaves like a nonheroic character, complete with motivations and personality. The item can communicate (most often via telepathy), it has two skills: Intellect and Will, and it can perceive its environment as a human does.

    Any activated property of the item is under the item's control, not its wielder's. As long as the wielder maintains a good relationship with the item, the wielder can access those properties normally. If the relationship is strained, the item can suppress its activated properties or even turn them against the wielder.

    A sentient item often makes demands of its wielder. When its wielder refuses to comply, the item can attempt to magically beguile the wielder. When this happens, the item makes a Will test opposed by the wielder's Will test. If the wielder fails, it is charmed by the item for D12 hours. While charmed, the wielder must try to follow the item's commands. If the wielder takes damage, the effect ends. Once it has attempted to control its wielder, the item can't attempt to do so again until the next dawn.

Angrazel (Attunement) (Cursed): Once attuned to this sentient dagger, you are unwilling to end your attunement to it, and you try to keep it safe and within reach at all times. When you succeed on a melee attack against a creature that is missing any of its hit points, the creature takes an additional D4 necrotic damage. This attack must be made with Angrazel.

Angrazel's Intellect and Will are both Excellent (D8), and it can converse telepathically with any creature within a 12-square radius (provided that the creature understands at least one language). Angrazel is bloodthirsty. Once every 24 hours, it demands that you use it to kill a Small or larger creature (other than a Construct or Undead).