Magic Items and Game Balance

Dragonslayers RPG makes no assumption that the heroes will have access to magic items. Because of this assumption, the addition of a magic item represents a genuine increase or expansion in a hero's capabilities (rather than something to be taken for granted). That being said, the effects of a magic item should be considered with the same care as any other character option.

Attunement and Game Balance: Attunement prevents the heroes from easily sharing one magic item while simultaneously preventing a lone hero from hogging them all. An item should require attunement if sharing that item between multiple heroes would disrupt the normal flow of gameplay, fuel power imbalances between character options, trivialize many of the game's challenges, or encourage behaviors (inside or outside of the fiction) that make the game less enjoyable.

Rarity and Game Balance: A magic item's rarity (see Magic Item Rarity) corresponds to the number of spirit points the item would be worth if it were a feat. If the item's effects are on par with the power of a spell, the item's rarity is Mythic. A Common or Uncommon item is worth a fraction of a spirit point. These values are indicated on the following chart:

| RARITY | SP VALUE | | Common | ⅒ SP\ | | Uncommon | ½ SP\ | | Rare | 1 SP | | Very Rare | 2 SP | | Mythic | 3 SP |

A consumable item, such as a potion, has half the rarity of a nonconsumable magic item with the same properties (round up).

The treasures included in this compendium are examples to get you started. You are encouraged to invent new magic items, using these as models.