Treasure Basics

Dragonslaying can be a lucrative profession. On their adventures, the heroes can expect to find and keep treasure (money, goods, and items).

Money: Most often in the form of coins, money is the most common kind of treasure. All money can be recorded as gold.

Goods: These include precious stones, gems, and art objects. Most goods can be sold for a specified value; for instance, a 10-pound solid gold idol might be worth 700 gold. However, there is no guarantee that an interested buyer for it can be easily found.

Items: These include both magic items and nonmagical items (like tools and armor). The heroes value this sort of treasure highly, as quality equipment improves their capabilities.

Other Rewards: An influential lord or noble might offer the heroes favors, properties, or titles as payment for their services. Rewards like these are often more useful than other kinds of treasure.