Rings and Scrolls

These magic items grant the benefits of a feat or a spell to the wearer.

Ring of [Feat] (Attunement) (Special): This magic ring contains one feat that costs no more than 3 spirit points. While you wear the ring, you have that feat (provided that you meet the feat's prerequisites).

The rarity of a Ring of [Feat] corresponds to the spirit point cost of the feat it contains (see Magic Items and Game Balance). For example, a Ring of Evasion is Very Rare, because the Evade (2 SP) feat costs 2 spirit points.

Ring of [Spell] (Attunement) (Mythic): This magic ring contains one spell. While you wear the ring, you can cast that spell.

Spell Scroll (Consumable) (Rare): This magic scroll contains one spell in written form. As an action, you can read the scroll aloud to gain the ability to cast that spell for the next 8 hours. Your power source for the spell is verbal. Once the scroll has been read aloud, the writing vanishes and the scroll becomes nonmagical.

Rings and scrolls come in many forms. Any circular object, such as a necklace, belt, or crown, can function as a magic ring. Likewise, any writing system (including tactile writing systems) and physical medium can be suitable for a magic scroll.