Wondrous Equipment

This is the broadest category of magic item. The following examples are varied, but they hardly scratch the surface of possibilities:

Carpet of Flying (Very Rare): The Carpet of Flying is a vehicle (see Vehicles). It has the stat block described on page 17 of Monsters & Treasures.

Immovable Rod (Rare): This flat iron rod has a button on one end. You can use an action to press the button, which causes the rod to become magically fixed in place. Until you or another creature uses an action to push the button again, the rod doesn't move, even if it is defying gravity. The rod can support up to 30 bulk (see Bulk and Encumbrance). More bulk causes the rod to deactivate and fall. A creature can use an action to make a Very Hard (10+) Strength test, moving the fixed rod up to 10 feet on a success.

Rope of Climbing (Uncommon): This 60-foot length of silk rope can support up to 30 bulk. As an action while you are holding one end of the rope, you can speak or gesture to command the rope (causing it to animate). The rope understands the following commands:

  • Coil: The rope winds itself up for carrying or storage.

  • Slither: The other end of the rope flies up to 2 squares (10 feet) toward a location of your choice. It continues to fly up to 2 squares at the start of each of your turns; until it reaches its destination, until the rope has extended to its maximum length, or until the rope is commanded to Coil.

  • Tie/Untie: One end of the rope fastens itself securely to an object of your choice or unfastens itself.\ The Rope of Climbing has 10 hit points and immunity to poison and psychic damage. In addition, it has immunity to the mundane damage of weapons, except edged weapons (axes, claws, daggers, and so on). The rope regains 1 hit point every 5 minutes as long as it has at least 1 hit point. If the rope drops to 0 hit points, it is destroyed.

Sending Stones (Very Rare): These stones come in pairs, with each smooth stone carved to match the other so the pairing is easily recognized. While you touch one stone, you can use an action to send a telepathic message (limited to a sentence or two) to the bearer of the other stone. You needn't share a common language with the target for the message to be understood, but the target must understand at least one language. Immediately after you use this action, the target can respond to your message in kind.

If one of the stones is destroyed, the other one becomes nonmagical.

Tome of Leadership & Influence (Rare): This book contains guidelines for influencing others, and its words are charged with magic. If you spend 48 hours over a period of 6 days or fewer studying the book's contents and practicing its guidelines, you gain a boost to Will. The manual then loses its magic, but regains it in a century.

Wand of Fireballs (Rare): While you hold this sooty wand, you can cast Produce Flame (Fireball).