Wondrous Wearables

The following items can be worn on your body. A wondrous wearable can be an article of clothing or a piece of jewelry.

Armor of Righteousness (Attunement) (Mythic): While you wear this elaborate suit of plate armor, a faint, circular halo appears above your head, and you have advantage on tests against being charmedfrightened, or possessed. In addition, you can use your action to cast the Prayer spell.

To be attuned to the Armor of Righteousness, you must uphold the values of compassion, fellowship, honesty, justice, liberty, and sanctity: weighing these virtues above your own self-interest. Should you ever fall short of this expectation, your attunement on the armor ends, and you can't attune to the armor again for at least 1 year.

Boots of Soaring (Attunement) (Rare): While you wear these boots, you can cast Control Winds (Leap).

Cloak of Elvenkind (Rare): While you wear this cloak with the hood up, you have advantage on all Agility tests made to hide.

Headband of Intellect (Attunement) (Very Rare): Your Intellect is Amazing (D10) while you wear this headband. This item has no effect on you if your Intellect is already Amazing (D10) or better.

Robe of Fire Resistance (Uncommon): While you wear this robe, you have resistance against fire damage, and you are comfortably cool even in scorching environments (see Resistance and Vulnerability).